Bugs that I've made trashing the code.

Known bugs, possible bugs.
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Bugs that I've made trashing the code.

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I've tossed a variable in the trash that I thought I didn't need here and cheesed a temporary fix for the demo there.. here's some bugs that I've created and need to clean up.

Sun doesn't come up, stars come out with no night sky. That was working a couple months ago.. I probably used a "test var" then cleaned it up but left it broken.

Boat hangs on invisible obstacles.. Unless one of my ray tests is getting tangled up with the other boats It's probably this dumb invisible plane I made under the boat as a quick "fix" to make the code work way out in the ocean.

On PC player delays before he jumps.. arthritis set in since I had that working?

No shadow on wall.. I need to turn the shadow on the wall on lol. Gotta type this first!

FIXED player runs around in backward cirles on cell phone.. that was emberassing (but I still put off fixing it for over a month :geek:

Stuff doesn't stay in backpack.. inventory under construction, pardon my dust.

GUI can get hidden behind 3d geometry.. I just need to tell the gui textures to render above all.. but I'm busy writing THE DIGGING CODE!!!

Ocean glitches every once in a while (shifts position slightly).. I had it working.. now I'm doing other stuff.. I'll get back to that!